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We deliver the finer things in life to those who appreciate them. To ensure we can consistently deliver excellence and value, we respectfully request our guests to note the following:

  • We do not offer discounts and prices are non-negotiable
  • Bookings are confirmed only after receipt of payment in full
  • Due to the fact that we attend each customer personally, there will be no refund on cancellations with less than three days notice
  • In some cases, third party services cannot be cancelled beyond a certain time frame. Payment for such services must be made in full regardless of use
  • Guests are requested to comply with venues’ rules and policies, including the dress code. Failure to do so will be at the guest’s risk and they will be solely responsible for any financial compensation requested
  • Admittance to members only clubs is ultimately at the club’s discretion
  • Guests who choose not to use any pre-agreed services are liable for any original charges
  • Payment for additional services beyond the initial scope agreed may be requested immediately

We aim to deliver excellence. We will happily refund our fees (excluding third party expenses) to guests who are not satisfied.

Ferrari Rental in Hong Kong